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Working with Organisational Units

Within Organisational Units several basic functions are available: Navigation, Search, Reporting, Working with views, Working with widgets, Document management, Messaging, Working with roles, Working with the archive, Moving items, Creating items, Viewing the Change History.


Organisational Units can be used to create a hierarchical structure in Fortes Change Cloud. This hierarchy is visible in the drop-down list at the top of the screen and can be used to navigate.


The main features of Organisational Units are:

Configure which modules are enabled and which currency is used in a Organisational Unit

Determine which users have which access to the Organisational Unit as a whole, or to the enabled modules

Easily rearrange the hierarchical structure by moving or merging Organisational Units

Access all lessons learned within this (and underlying) Organisational Units

Create and/or maintain models of all types


The next topics cover all relevant use cases when working with Organisational Units.