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Fortes Change Cloud supports two search functions: Quick Search and Advanced Search.


Quick Search clip0384

You can use the Search box in the top bar of the Start App to find portfolio's, portfolio-items, folder, projects, programmes, plan-items and more. Click on Search and enter a minimum of 3 characters to get search results. The drop-down will show a maximum of 10 of the matching results. The drop-down will also show up to 10 of your recently visited locations. Navigate by clicking a name in the drop-down.



Using the Search box to navigate


Advanced Search clip0385

Advanced search is available on many locations and is presented as the IMPORT~1_img5 icon in the top right of your screen. With Advanced Search you can search on more object types at the same time (e.g. issues, risks and plan-items), and you can also search for documents.


Step 1. Click on the IMPORT~1_img5 icon on the right side of the dark blue header in the top of your screen, a dialogue box appears.

Step 2. Enter the name of the item you are looking for, optionally select an object type, optionally add a filter on the creation date, and click Search.

Step 3. The search results are shown at the bottom of the screen.



Dialogue box Advanced Search