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You can navigate Fortes Change Cloud in several ways: with the Home Page, with the App-selector, or with the Navigation menu or the Quick Search in the Start App.



Navigate using the Home Page

For information on how to use your Home Page for navigation, see The Home Page.



Navigate using the App-selector

With de App-selector in the top left of your screen you can navigate to the Fortes Change Cloud Apps


Navigation with the App-selector



Navigate using the Navigation menu in the Start App

With the Navigation menu in the top bar of the Start App you can navigate the Fortes Change Cloud structure. This structure will often represent your organisation structure.


Navigation with the Navigation menu



Navigate using Quick Search in the Start App

You can use the Search box in the top bar of the Start App to find portfolio's, portfolio-items, folder, projects, programmes, plan-items and more. Click on Search and enter a minimum of 3 characters to get search results. The drop-down will show a maximum of 10 of the matching results. The drop-down will also show up to 10 of your recently visited locations. Navigate by clicking a name in the drop-down.



Using the Search box to navigate