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Creating items

Depending on the location, the role you have in Fortes Change Cloud and settings in Fortes Change Cloud, items can be easily created. This can be new projects, folders or programs just to name a few. Depending on the item you want to create, a dialogue box appears with possibilities to determine the name, owner etc. Input possibilities vary for different items.


Creating a Organisational Unit

In an Organisational Unit you can create more Organisational Units.

Step 1. Go to the tab Navigation

Step 2. Click the plus-teken02 button

Step 3. Fill in the required fields

Note:If you can't see the navigation tab you can select it in the tab Properties and then click the button Configuration


Organisational Units


Creating a Portfolio

Within Portfolio Management you can add Portfolios. Note: This can only be done by System management and Portfolio Managers.



Step 1. Click the plus-teken02 button

Step 2. Fill in the required fields



Dialogue box for adding a portfolio


Creating a Portfolio-item

Within a Portfolio you can add portfolio items. This can be Initiatives, Programmes and Projects.

Step 1. Click the plus-teken02 button

Step 2. Fill in the required fields


Note:the Owner of a Portfolio Item can be used if you want someone to change only this portfolio-item instead of giving him a role for changing all portfolio-items within a portfolio.

Note: Selected is a field used in Scenario Planning. You can leave the check mark as it is.


This dialogue box appears when you want to create a new portfolio item


Creating a Folder

Within Project management you can add folders to group your projects/programmes.

Step 1. Go to the plus-teken02 button in Project Management

Step 2. Fill in the required fields. Select the Folder/Programme/Project fields if you want the folder to contain Folders/Programmes/Projects

Note: the 'MSP Support' function is an old function in Fortes Change Cloud. If you do not work with this module you can leave it as 'no'.


Adding a folder