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Working with Logs

In Fortes Change Cloud you can work with Logs in Projects, Programmes and Folders.


log section

Log section in Fortes Change Cloud


Create a log-item (issue, risk, etc.): in a log

Step 1. In the tab Dashboard, in the section Logs, click on the appropriate log, a pop-up appears


Example of a Risk Log

Step 2. Click on plus-teken02 to create a new log item. Click on the pen-symbool03 - lichtblauw button.

Step 3. Fill in the fields in the view and click Save


Create a log-item (issue, risk, etc.): from a plan-item

You can create log items in two ways:

1.Add a product to a log item by filling in the field Product/plan item.

2.Via the details page of a plan-item: click the tab Logs and create a new log item.

Note: the log item will now be related to the plan-item.



Manage a log item (issue, risk, etc.)


Step 1. Go to your homepage or to the log.

Step 2. Click on the log item and click pen-symbool03 - lichtblauw.

Step 3. Edit the log item. You can enter data in the available fields and add documents.

Step 4. You can add actions in the section Actions.

Step 5. You can close a log item by changing the status to Closed.

Step 6. Save changes by clicking Save.