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Working with Time Entry

In the Time Entry module several basic functions are available: Navigation, Search, Reporting, Working with views, Working with widgets, Messaging.


Time Entry supports the time entry process: defining, sending, approving and re-opening time sheets.


The main features of the Time Entry module are:

Defining the time sheet (admin only).

Determine the approval process: Project Manager and/or Line Manager approval or automatic approval (admin only).

Monitor time sheets (i.e. new, waiting for approval, approved)

Approve or reject a time sheet

Reopen a time sheet

Note: for submitting time sheets see Edit and submit a time sheet and Working with Fortes Change Cloud App.



1.Subtab Dashboard: here you can edit widgets and configure your dashboard

2.Subtab Time Sheets: here you can, as a resource manager, manage your Time Sheets (create, delete and approve/reject Time Sheets)

3.Resource Management Configuration: here you can select Time Sheet configuration and select the Non-Project Activities

4.Edit Resources: here you can select the resources for your Resource Pool

5.Edit Widgets: Here you can edit your widgets for this page