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Edit and Submit a Time Sheet

In the app selector you can open My time sheets.




A new tab will open where all time sheets (not submitted) will be shown.




Also from your Home Page you can access all your Time Sheets. On the tab Home, the section My open time sheets contains a list of the Time Sheets you have to submit. The tab My Time Sheets shows a list of all your Time Sheets.



The section My open time sheets on the tab Home of the Home Page


Edit and submit a Time Sheet

On your Home Page, tab Home, section My open time sheets, click on the date of the Time Sheet, the Time Sheet opens.


A Time Sheet


1.The top part of the Time Sheet contains the general information data of the Time Sheet, such as the minimum amount of hours to justify and the status of the Time Sheet.
2.On the left of the Time Sheet you can see icons and coloured lines. The doll icon clip0111 indicates that the hours on this row will have to be approved by the project manager. A red bar indicates that not all mandatory columns have been filled; this red bar will only appear at the moment you save the Time Sheet.
3.The Time Sheet can be configured to display a predefined set of rows. These rows are indicated with a blue line on the left of the row.
4.The Time Sheet will also show an empty row. As soon as you enter information in that row, a new row will appear.
5.In the first column of these rows you can select the project or the 'non-project activity set' you want to enter time on. In the second column you can select the plan-item or activity you want to enter time on. Then enter the appropriate amount of hours for the days they occurred. In the column Remarks you can enter remarks regarding a Time Sheet row.
Note: a Time Sheet by definition will only show projects on which you have a role.
Note: if a project is configured to allow time entry on project level only, it is not possible to enter a plan-item in the second column.
6.Click Save to save the Time Sheet as a draft and to continue working on it later.
7.Click Save and Submit to submit a Time Sheet.
Note: for approving project hours see Approve and Reject project hours, for approving non-project hours see Approve a Time Sheet.
Note: if no approval process is configured, this button will show Save and Close.