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Working with Portfolio management

Within the Portfolio Management module several basic functions are available: Search, Messaging, Navigation, Working with widgets, Working with views, Working with the archive, Viewing the change history, Working with roles, Document management.


The Portfolio Management module allows you to manage portfolios:

1.Are we doing the right things?

2.Are we doing them in the right way?


This module supports the process 'from not-yet-started project to project close' from the portfolio point of view. A portfolio can contain initiatives ('not-yet-started' projects), projects and programmes. The Portfolio Management module supports scenario planning (selecting the best possible set of projects), and managing a portfolio (start, monitor and manage all initiatives, projects and programme on all relevant aspects, report on the portfolio). For managing benefits see the related topic Working with Benefits.

Doing the right things is supported by analysis of portfolio items based on for example priority, impact and strategic alignment. Custom fields can be used to hold relevant data. Doing all projects together in the right way is supported by the reporting cycle between portfolio's and projects. This gives the portfolio manager the opportunity to manage projects on highlights and dependencies, based on the input of project managers.


The main features of the Portfolio Management module are:

Create multiple portfolios and group projects as you see fit. For example: group projects by sponsorship, by strategic goals, by business unit, or otherwise.

Plan, manage and report on portfolio's on all relevant aspects.

Use Custom Dashboards to view and report on any group of projects, irrespectively of the grouping in portfolios.

Create and share widget based reports with your stakeholders. These reports can be viewed in an mobile app without having to log in to Fortes Change Cloud.


The next topics cover all relevant use cases when working with Portfolio Management.