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Using Scenario Planning on a Portfolio

Fortes Change Cloud supports scenario planning for portfolios. You can set a value to maximise and you can add multiple constraints. You can calculate the best fitting scenario and you can manually create scenarios. A bubble chart and a timeline chart can be configured to visualise the scenarios.


Preparing for Scenario Planning

Step 1. Navigate to your portfolio, tab Scenario Planning.

Step 2. Configure the Bubble Chart and the Timeline Chart. See Working with Widgets.

Step 3. In the section Portfolio Items, click Set Columns to determine which information to show here.

Step 4. Configure the Maximise/Constraints widget:

Click Configure to enter which field to maximise and to use which fields as constraints, click OK.

Set target values for the selected fields by double clicking the fields. Enter the target value in the pop up.

Maximise Constraints widget

The Maximise/Constraints widget


Calculate the optimal scenario

Step 1. Perform the actions as described under Preparing for Scenario Planning.

Step 2. In the Maximise/Constraints widget click calculator to calculate the optimal scenario based on the entered criteria. If target values are met the value bar will show blue, if not it will show red.

Step 3. View the results to see which portfolio items are selected and which are not.

Step 4. Optionally click setbaselines to set a baseline for later reference.


Manually change/create a scenario

Step 1. Perform the actions as described under Preparing for Scenario Planning and Calculate the optimal scenario.

Step 2. In the section Portfolio Items drag and drop items between the sections Selected Portfolio Items and Unselected Portfolio items.

Step 3. View the results in the widgets at the top of the screen.


Save a scenario for later use

Step 1. If you want to save a scenario for later use or for reporting, click Save Scenario in the section Portfolio Items, a dialogue box appears.

Step 2. Enter a name for the scenario or select an existing scenario to overwrite and click Save Scenario.


Apply a scenario to the portfolio

Step 1. Create a scenario or select one In the section Portfolio Items.

Step 2. Click Apply to Portfolio to apply the scenario: as a result only the selected portfolio items will be visible in the portfolio.

Note: to report on not-selected portfolio items in views, change the Selected filter: use 'Selected=no' for reporting on not-selected portfolio items, remove the filter Selected entirely for reporting on both selected and not-selected portfolio items.


Note: the scenario planning function is available depending on your configuration.