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Working with dependencies on plan-items

As a Project Manager or a Product Owner it is possible to add Dependencies on a Plan-item.

There are two ways to do this


Add Dependency in detail page of the Plan-item

1.Go to the tab Dependencies

2.Click Add Dependency

3.Select the Predecessor and the Dependency Type and optional a Lag.

4.Click Add Dependency

5.You can also add external dependencies in the lower section.


Note: You can only add external dependencies to Projects in which you have the role Project Manager or Project Support.

Note: If you want add external dependencies, this is the only way to do it.



Example dependency



Detail screen to add dependency


Add Dependency in the Gantt

1.Click the bar of a Plan-item in the Gantt Chart and drag it to another bar of a plan Item

2.Right click the arrow to adjust the dependency



Example Dependency in the Gantt