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Starting a Project

In a portfolio you can create new projects. By applying the appropriate Project Model the project manager gets a 'quick start'.


Starting a project

Step 1. Navigate to your portfolio and click plus-teken02 in the section Portfolio Items., a dialogue box appears.

Step 2. Under Create, select Project to expand the dialogue box:

start a project dialog

Step 3. Enter the details:

Name: the name of the project

Objective: the objective of the project

Owner: this user gets access to the portfolio-item (but not to the project!), without getting access to the entire portfolio

Managers: the project manager

Selected: check box to make the initiative appear in the active portfolio (see Using scenario planning on a portfolio)

Start Date: moves the planning in the Project Model (if available) to this date.

Organisational Unit: select the Organisational Unit in which to start the project.

Folder: select the Folder (within the selected Organisational Unit) in which to start the project.

Project Model: select the Project Model to be used for the project.

Step 4. Click OK, the project is created and appears in the designated Folder.