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Create a Portfolio Model from a Portfolio

In Fortes Change Cloud all portfolios are based on a portfolio model. A portfolio model defines the behaviour of a portfolio:

The field configuration

The financial configuration

The page lay-out of portfolio items

The available report models

The available Automated Reports


In a portfolio it is possible to deviate from the behaviour of the portfolio model. And then, it is possible to save that changed behaviour as a new portfolio model. This new model can then be used when creating a new portfolio.

Note: it is also possible to create new portfolio models by exporting and importing an existing portfolio model (at the tab Models).


Create a portfolio model from a portfolio (Note: option available depending on your role)

Step 1. Navigate to the tab Portfolio Management.

Step 2. In the section Portfolios, select a portfolio row and click Create Model, a dialogue box appears.

Step 3. In the dialogue box, enter a name for the portfolio model and click OK; a portfolio model is now created in the tab Models.