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Configure an OU for Time Entry

Configure the organisational unit for time entry

Step 1. Go to the tab Resource Management, click on Resource management configuration, a dialogue box appears. (make sure Time Entry is enabled for this Organisational Unit).

Step 2. Fill in the dialogue box: enter the appropriate Time Entry configuration, optionally enter a minimum of hours per timesheet, select approvers and select the appropriate Non-project activity set(s).

Step 3. Next click OK.


Note: To do this, Time registration has to be an enabled module in the OU. To do this, go to tab Properties of the OU, click Configuration and check the box Time registration.

Note: Approvers can only be set when your configuration is not set for automatic approval.



Add the members who have to register time

Step 1. Go to the tab Resource management, click Edit resources, a pop-up appears.

Step 2. In the pop-up click Add/Remove to add or remove members.

Step 3. Click OK.