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Add a document

In multiple places you can add documents, links and notes, for example on details pages, in logs and on the tab Documents.


Adding a document (in general)

Step 1. Navigate to a place where you can add Documents, e.g. the tab Documents or a Plan-item Page.

Step 2. Use drag and drop or click plus-teken02 to add documents or links, click icon add note to add notes.

Step 3. To add a new version of a document: select the row of the appropriate document and click Update. Click Choose file to upload a new version, then click OK.

Step 4. To access earlier versions of a document: select the row of the appropriate document and click History.






Example: adding a document to a Plan-item Page

Step 1. Navigate to a Plan-item Page, on the bottom of the page you see three sections:
plan-item page documents sections
A plan-item page, the three document sections
Note: the section Documents can be used to add (documents describing) the deliverable.
Note: the section Automated Reports can contain Automated Reports containing project/plan-item information.
Note: the section Specifications can be used to add documents that specify the product to deliver.

Step 2. In the appropriate section, click plus-teken02 to add a document or a link, a dialogue box appears:
dialog add a document
Dialogue add a Document

To add a document, enter a description and a version number, click Choose File to select the appropriate file, then click OK.

To add a link, enter  a description and the link address, then click OK.

To add a link to a centrally placed document, e.g. an Automated Report, enter the document ID in the Internal Document Link, then click OK
Note: ask your administrator for support.
Note: hyperlinks have the following syntax: "", or "file://p:\documents\example.doc".