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Working with document folders

On every tab Documents you can create a folder structure. You can assign roles to a folder to determine who has acces to the contents of the folder. If you add a folder structure to a project model, the folder structure will be available in the projects you start with that model.


Create a document folder structure

Step 1. Navigate to a tab Documents, for example in a project.

Step 2. In the section Documents Folders, click plus-teken02, a dialogue box appears:
Dialogue Add a document folder


Step 3. Enter the name and description of the new folder, select a location and click OK.


Determine who can access the contents of a folder

If you assign roles to a document folder, the folder is screened for everyone, except the users who have a role on the folder.

Step 1. Navigate to the document folder and click Edit Roles, a pop up appears.

Step 2. Assign roles to the correct users and click OK. The folder is now shielded from all other users.


edit roles document folder

Dialogue Edit Roles on document folders