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Save a version of the Portfolio

You can save a portfolio as a version. A version will contain all portfolio information as is was at the moment of saving. Versions can be used in for reporting purposes.


Saving a version of a portfolio

Step 1. Navigate to a portfolio. In the section Portfolio Items select the rows of the portfolio items you want to include in the version.

Note: use Ctrl or Shift to select multiple rows.

Note: to select all rows in the view, do not select any row.

Step 2. In the section Portfolio Items click Save Version, a dialogue box appears.

Step 3. Enter a name, optionally add remarks and click OK. The portfolio version is created and is shown in the section Previous Versions.


Note: to view a portfolio version, in the section Previous Versions click on the name of a version.

Note: to report on portfolio versions in views, change the Saved filter: use 'Saved=yes' for reporting on portfolio versions, remove the filter Saved entirely for reporting on both portfolio versions and the current portfolio.