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Publish project information to the Portfolio

On the Homepage, the section My Projects shows an overview of the projects in which you have a role. The overview shows if there is a pending report request of a portfolio.


Step 1. Choose the view Project overview from the drop down list.


The column Report status shows:

clip0049 = a report request is past the due date, but hasn’t    
           been published yet.

clip0050 = the report request has been published to the

         portfolio by the project manager.

clip0051= a report request has yet to be published by the      
          project manager (but is not yet overdue).

Step 2. In the section My Projects, click on the project name to go to the project.

Step 3. For a Single Sheet: the report appears directly on the screen. Click Edit.

Step 4. For a Project: go to the tab Portfolio Report. Click Edit. Note: The tab Portfolio Report will only be filled if there is a report request from the Portfolio.

Step 5. Enter the data and click Save. You can edit the data until you are done.

Step 6. Click Publish to the Portfolio in the top right of your screen to report the data to the portfolio. Note: The button Publish to the Portfolio will only be shown if there is a report request from the Portfolio.